ICBMC 2023 | Kyoto, Japan

2023 8th International Conference on Building Materials and Construction (ICBMC 2023) was successfully held in Kyoto, Japan during March 17-20, 2023! Since some people could not travel to Kyoto, CEAC was also broadcasted simultaneuusly online. The conference consist of 2 keynote speeches, 5 invited speeches, 1 best paper competition, 1 best student paper competition, 1 poster session and 12 oral sessions. Presenters from over 16 countries and areas gathered in Kyoto as well as online platform. Participants had in-depth communication on relevant topics during the 4-day event. Thank you for everyone's support and participation. Special thanks extended to all the speakers, every individual and committee members for their contribution to make the conference a success.

Conference Proceedings

ICBMC 2023 papers were published in Vol. 1098-Materials Science Forum (MSF) 【ISBN: 978-3-0364-0437-0】 Online Linkage.

ICBMC Book Cover

Conference Photos


Onsite Speakers

Prof. C.W. Lim (City University of Hong Kong, China) Assoc. Prof. Manny Anthony Martin Taguba (National University-Manila, Philippines)

Online Speakers

Prof. Chimay Anumba (University of Florida) Prof. Ippei Maruyama (The University of Tokyo & Nagoya University, Japan)
Assoc. Prof. Kyoung Sun Moon (Yale University, USA) Assoc. Prof. Guang Ye (Delft University of Technology, Netherlands)
Assoc. Prof. Alcestis Rodi (University of Patras, Greece) Assoc. Prof. Mohammad Arif Rohman (Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember, Indonesia)
Prof. Abeer Samy Yousef Mohamed (Effat University, KSA & Tanta University, Egypt)  


Best Reviewers

☆ Prof. Johan James Hinostroza Yucra, Universidad Continental, Peru
☆ Assoc. Prof. Glen Wash Ivanovic, Xi'an Jiaotong-Liverpool University, China
☆ Assit. Prof. Sopokhem Lim, Waseda University, Japan
☆ Asst. Prof. Lindita Bande, United Arab Emirates University, UAE
☆ Dr. Masrilayanti Masrilayanti, Andalas University, Indonesia

Best Oral Presentations

【Onsite Session 1: Architectural Design, Building Environment and Indoor Thermal Comfort】
☆ Presenter: Hang Wan, City University of Hong Kong, China
Authors: Hang Wan and Gongsheng Huang
Paper Title: Optimization of Chiller Energy Efficiency Based on a Load Auxiliary Regulation Method Using the Latent Heat Thermal Energy Storage
【Onsite Session 2: Hydraulic and Municipal Engineering】
☆ Presenter: Hiyasmine S. Pili, National University - Manila, Philippines
Authors: Hiyasmine Salonga Pili, Franz Dionisio Santos, Charena Pasilaban Baluyot, Kyla Moratalla Manzanade and Yunika Aloha Pineda Cruz
Paper Title: Coupled Hydrologic-hydraulic Modeling-based Flood Inundation Mapping for a Segment of the Tullahan River in Valenzuela City, Philippines
【Onsite Session 3: Information Technology and Modeling in Construction】
☆ Presenter: Pei-Ching Chen , National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, Taiwan
Authors: Pei-Ching Chen and Chung-Chun Ma
Paper Title: Real-Time Hybrid Simulation with A Nonlinear Numerical Substructure in Neural Network
【Onsite Session 4: Urban Architectural Characteristics, Urban Planning and Fire Safety】
☆ Presenter: Allan R. Alzona, National University - Manila, Philippines
Authors: Charena Pasilaban Baluyot, Franz Dionisio Santos, Clariz Dionisio Santos, Hiyasmine Salonga Pili and Allan Requillas Alzona
Paper Title: Determination of the Most Suitable Location of Evacuation Center for a Flood-prone Community Using Multi-criteria Decision Analysis: The case of Barangay Sapang Bayan, Bulacan, Philippines
【Online Session 5: Advanced Engineering Materials and the Applications】
☆ Presenter: Allan R. Alzona, National University - Manila, Philippines
Authors: Jennice Mae Domasian Toledo, Karen Beronque Hubayan, Angel Ann Macasaet Pacheco, Neil Harold Coloma Salvador, Charles Joshua Obaldo Bravo and Allan Requillas Alzona
Paper Title: Synthesis and Application of Graphene-Phase Biochar from Theobroma cacao Pod Husks Using Slow Pyrolysis Technique in the Treatment of Fats, Oil, and Grease from Actual Wastewater
【Onsite Session 6: Structural Engineering and Structural Mechanics】
☆ Presenter: Ahmed Godat, Ajman University, UAE
Authors: Said Elkholy, Ahmed Godat and Saif Ghazi
Paper Title: Finite Element Simulation of Externally-Prestressed Concrete Girders
【Onsite Session 7: Concrete Materials and the Properties】
☆ Presenter: Mahmudul Hasan Mizan, Hokkaido University, Japan
Authors: Mahmudul Hasan Mizan and Koji Matsumoto
Paper Title: Durability Enhancement Effect of Silica Fume on the Bond Behavior of Concrete-PCM Composites under Freeze-thaw Cycles
【Online Session 8: Building Design and Building Energy Management】
☆ Presenter: Andri Kusbiantoro, Universiti Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia, Malaysia
Authors: Amalina Hanani Ismail, Andri Kusbiantoro and Yuyun Tajunnisa
Paper Title: Assessing the Impact of Petroleum Sludge Ash on the Compressive Strength of Fly Ash-Palm Oil Clinker Geopolymer Mortar
【Online Session 9: Building Materials and Structural Health Monitoring】
☆ Presenter: Sabril Haris, Universitas Andalas, Indonesia
Authors: Sabril Haris, Rendy Thamrin, Mutia Fitriani and Syukriati Syukriati
Paper Title: Effect of Longitudinal Tension Bars on Performance of Composite Light Gauge Steel and Concrete of a Plate Structure
【Online Session 10: Structural Design, Structural Mechanics and Seismic Performance】
☆ Presenter: Meyer David Hilario Martel, Continental University S.A.C., Peru
Authors: Meyer David Hilario Martel, Jhon Josue Canchanya Taipe, Janela Azucena Condor González and Johan James Hinostroza Yucra
Paper Title: Influence of Axial Load on the Ductility of Type "C" Reinforced Concrete Walls with Longitudinal Reinforcement Variation in the Cores
【Online Session 11: Foundation Engineering, Infrastructure Project and Project Management】
☆ Presenter: Josue Janampa, Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas, Peru
Authors: Josue Janampa, Jean Pierre Pinedo, Sandra Rodriguez and Karem Ulloa
Paper Title: Optimization of the Construction Subcontractor Selection Process for Residential Building Projects by Applying Blockchain technology through a Smart Contract
【Online Session 12: Urban Architecture and Urban Planning】
☆ Presenter: Mingzhu Lei, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, China
Authors: Mingzhu Lei and Tong Cui
Paper Title: Before Becoming an Independent Building: A Study of the Mixed Nature of Chemistry Laboratory Space from the 16th-18th Centuries

Best Poster Presentations

☆ Hae-youg Park, Hanbat National University, Republic of Korea
☆ Sonia Longjam, Hokkaido University, Japan