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Keynote Speakers ¡¡

Keynote Speaker I

Prof. Low Sui Pheng

National University of Singapore, Singapore

Keynote Speech Title: "Legislating Construction and Building Materials for Productivity Improvement in Singapore"

Professor Low Sui Pheng is with the Department of Building, National University of Singapore (NUS). He received his PhD, MSc(Eng), BSc (Building)(Hons), and Diploma in Building from University College London, University of Birmingham, NUS and Singapore Polytechnic respectively. He was awarded a higher doctorate, DSc(Civil Engineering), by the University of Birmingham in 2012 for his significant, substantial and sustained contributions to knowledge in the built environment. He is also a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Building.
Professor Low has served as Vice-Dean and Head in the NUS School of Design and Environment and the NUS Department of Building respectively. He currently teaches project management, quality, productivity and development technology in NUS. A winner of numerous best paper, best reviewer and teaching excellence awards, he has also consulted and researched extensively on project management issues relating to the construction industry. He has published more than 500 journal and conference papers and authored 20 books relating to construction project management. Professor Low is currently the Book Series Editor of Management in the Built Environment published by Springer. A member of the editorial advisory boards of more than 20 leading international refereed journals, he is frequently called upon to serve as external examiner, expert reviewer and independent validator by overseas universities and government agencies. He has been invited to serve in the scientific committees of many international and regional symposiums. Professor Low is presently Director of the Centre for Project Management and Construction Law in NUS.

Keynote Speaker II

Prof. Zongjin Li

The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Hong Kong

1990-1993 Department of Civil Engineering, Northwestern University, Evanston, Illinois. Ph.D in Structural Engineering.
1988-1990 Department of Civil Engineering, Northwestern University, Evanston, Illinois. M.S. in Structural Engineering.
1978-1982 Department of Civil Engineering, Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, China. B.E. in Civil Engineering.

Durability of concrete; development of high performance concrete; fiber reinforced concrete (interface property characterization, strain-hardening material development); fracture of concrete; nondestructive testing in civil engineering (acoustic emission, infrared, impact echo); development of advanced building materials using extrusion technique; functional materials in civil engineering.

American Concrete Institute; Hong Kong Institute of Engineers

2009-present Chief Scientist of China 973 National Key Research Project, ¡°Basic Study on Environmentally Friendly Contemporary Concrete¡±.
2008-present Adjunct Professor, Southeast University.
2006-present Professor, Dept. of Civil Engineering, HKUST.
2003-2007 Associate Dean, School of Engineering, HKUST.
2005-present Director, PG Program of Nano-Science and Nano-Technology.

Editorial Advisory Committee, Journal of Concrete Science and Engineering 2001-2004
Editorial Board, Journal of Computer and Concrete
Editorial Board, International Journal of Mechanics and Solids
Editorial Board, Frontiers of Architecture and Civil Engineering in China
Editorial Board, The Open Construction and Building Technology Journal
Editorial Board, International Journal of Korea Concrete Institute

Keynote Speaker III

Prof. Jin-Keun Kim

Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, South Korea

Keynote Speech Title: "Mechanical Properties and Long-term Deformation of Concrete Depending on the Moisture Distribution"

B.S. Seoul National University (1975); M.S. Seoul National University (1978); Ph.D. Northwestern University (1985)

1994 ~ Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering, KAIST
1998 ~ 1998 Visiting Scholar of UPC, Spain
1995 ~ 1998 Department Head of Civil Engineering, KAIST
2000 ~ 2002 Department Head of Civil and Environmental Engineering, KAIST
2004 ~ 2009 Director of Infra-Structure Assessment Research Center (ISARC), KCI
2003 ~ 2008 Director of FIDIC-KAIST-KENCA Training Center, KAIST
2006 ~ Director of U-Space Center, KAIST
2007 ~ 2013 Director of KAIST Institute for Urban Space and Systems, KAIST
2017 ~ Director of Smart City Research Center
2013 ~ Chief editor of International Journal, "Advances in Concrete Constructions"


Member of Korean Academy of Science and Technology (KAST); Member of National Academy Engineering of Korea (NAEK); Member of Korea Concrete Institute (KCI); Fellow of the American Concrete Institute (ACI); Honorary Member of Japan Concrete Institute (JCI); Member of f¨¦d¨¦ration internationale du b¨¦ton (fib); Member of Korea Society of Civil Engineer (KSCE); Member of Architectural Institute of Korea (AIK); Member of Korea Institute of Computational Structural Engineering Institute of Korea (COSEIK); Member of Korea Society for Composite Materials (KSCM)Member of Korea Institute for Structural Maintenance Inspection (KSMI)

Director of General Affairs (1989 ~ 1990); Director of Publications (Chief editor of KCI Journal) (1993 ~ 1994); Director of Technical Affairs (1995 ~ 1998); Auditor (2001 ~ 2002); Vice President (2003 ~ 2004); President (2009 ~ 2010); Secretary of Committee for Development of KCI Code (1997 ~ 1999); Chairman of Committee for Amendment of KCI Code (2002 ~ 2003); Co-Chairmen of JCI-KCI Joint Committee on Development of Assessment Code for Existing Structures (2006 ~ 2009); Chairman of Special Committee for the Development of KCI Manual of Concrete Practice (2011 ~ )

Cracking in concrete; Properties of early age concrete; Application of fracture mechanics; Long-term behavior of concrete structures; Hydration heat analysis of concrete structure

Excellent Paper award of Korean Concrete Institute (1992); Excellent Paper award of KAIST (1996); Academic award of Minister of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport (2004); Scientist of the Month (2006); BukAm awards, Korean Concrete Institute (2007); Academic award of Korean Concrete Institute (2011)


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